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The story of Vlada Antonova

I’m 20, just started my carrier as a kid’s caregiver 6 months ago. Didn’t even have enough time to get an idea if I like that or not (finished my 3rd year in the University)

Life after the war

After the russians came to Kharkov my life has changed. I feel like I lived 20 years already for the last 2 weeks, - that’s how many stress, events and kids I was able to care of and it’s still not ended. Lack of water, food, meds, warm clothes and different specifics per kid, I can’t explain how hard the time myself and other colleagues are going through. You have a giant kindergarten in the bomb shelter, you don’t see sun light, parks and really fresh air. The only real thing here is crying kids and never ending uncertainty. Who knows of their parents will be found.

About me, I don’t know who am I at this point. Hopefully I’m useful.

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