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Eugene Lata

He held people who were dying. The story of a paramedic from Odessa, who was in the war for the second time.

He traveled the world, lived in Africa for a year, and now defends Odessa. Eugene Lata is a native of Odessa. He works for an IT company and blogs about travel. On the day the war broke out, the man joined the Territorial Defense Brigade. Eugene is currently a senior paramedic in the logistics company.

30-year-old Eugene teaches how to provide first aid, because he has combat experience. He became a paramedic in 2014, when he first got to the front: "I lived abroad, I lived in Britain, I had a good job, a good education, I got a lot of money to forget the war of 14 years, for the whole 15 years I moved to Africa. Looking at all this blood, the murders, holding on at the hands of people who were dying as paramedics. It was difficult for me to return to civilian life. " "I found the reason for the war, so to speak, between west and east in the fact that people do not go very much outside their country. That is, people in Luhansk and Donetsk they did not go very much outside the cities. They did not see what the country is cool, what a cool country, "said the man. Eugene Lata is a professional climber, but now in his backpack, which weighs about 17 kilograms, medicines and accessories for at least six people - so many he could save with him on the front line. After all, in the case of an active phase of hostilities, a man must work there. His wife Nadiya Veselkova helps him find tactical medicine supplies and other necessary equipment. She is waiting for her husband at home, volunteering and looking after a dog named Larry. "Zhenya and I discussed that we might go somewhere, but when it all happened, we decided we needed it here. And we will not run away because we are not afraid, we need to be and we must do everything to everyone was safe. I miss you very much, honestly, I miss you very much every night. I know that many people are worried now, I have a lot of friends whose boyfriends are also at war or in Troy, " Nadiya said.

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